The word science comes from a Latin word “sientia”, which means knowledge. This word has been translated in different forms like that of Webster’s new collegiate dictionary, which defines science as knowledge got from studying or practicing. The main idea of studying science is to construct a functional replica of truth. Science is normally categorized into two main ranks which are natural science, and social science. The two touches on both the ordinary world and the human activities and culture.

To start with, science began through the effort of a philosopher by name Francis Bacon who passed away in 1626. Even though Bacon was not a scientist, he kept on saying that visible things were a proof of truth. Although majority of the renowned scientists like Einstein, Newton, and Roman were all men, this does not mean that only men can perform well in science subjects.

There are a number of reasons, which have enabled me to come to this conclusion. For instance, if you go in hospitals you will find that most nurses are women proving that not all men can do sciences.

Unlike in the past where a large portion of doctors were men, today the trend and has changed and more women are joining the field. To prove that women can also do better in sciences, you find that the life span of women is high than that of men by the help of knowing how to balance their balanced diet which is science.

This balanced diet is the mix of foods and all this is in the field of science. In the recent past, there have been studies done to examine the myth that men understand science better than women do. All these studies have shown that women have both an excellent perceptive of science and climate change than men.

To strengthen that women are still good in sciences, you will find that women are extra in sync in the midst of science although they support the earlier study results that they tend to undervalue or disbelieve their scientific understanding.

One of the professors from the university of Michigan state Aaron McCright reveals that women could do much better in sciences except that the perception they have that science was made for men has made them slow down the potential of studying sciences. In his research, McCright reveals that women have the greatest percentage in worrying about the global concerns than men.

According to his research, women have greater concern that stems from the thought that the universal humidity will endanger their lifestyle throughout their life. (Priyanka) These among other factors prove that women can do much in the enhancement and the expansion of science if the perception they have in their mind is erased. According to me, women should be taught science seriously for they do much better than men especially in the field environment.


There is need for science to be handled with great care for it has some issues that can develop the world economy. This lesson should be left for every one who feels comfortable in handling it. The perception that was passed from the beginning that men could do better in handling this subject than women should be withdrawn. If both men and women will be considered equally in sciences, this will create a room of expanding and the perception of believing sciences are hard to be handled by women will be no more.

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