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Public Policies; the Pros and Cons

Introduction The process of making public policies is essential and at the same time sensitive because although it is carried out by the government through its various bodies, it affects a majority of people. Public policy entails the process taken by the government in addressing an issue that affects the public and the intentions of …

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Leadership program

Leadership is an aspect that has drawn worldwide interest in the recent decades, especially to scholars and researchers. Generally, there is a direct relationship between leadership and organizational/Institutional performance and productivity. However, leadership is made significant by development of appropriate leadership programs that are geared towards achievement of organization’s set objectives as well as increasing …

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Rhetoric Analysis

The mention of the word ‘cult’ has been synonymous with evil and was assumed to only exist in primitive societies. However, this is quickly becoming a fallacy with increasing cult-like groups beginning to emerge in various strata of society worldwide. Tikva Frymer- Kensky, in the article, Moses and the Cults: The Question of Religious Leadership, …

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Sofia Kovalevskaya

Introduction Sofia Kovalevskaya was one of the best mathematicians in the nineteenth century. She is known for the mathematical concepts and theorem that she developed. Her research and contributions were based on the studies that had been done earlier by other mathematicians and scientists. The concepts and theories that she developed are still used today …

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Human Resource Planning

Introduction Human resource planning is a branch of human resource management. This paper seeks to discuss the aspects of human resource planning. The paper will look at the aspects in relation to achievements of human resource planning which in the long run complements human resource management. Human Resource Planning Human resource management is a branch …

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Human Resource Management Administration

With industrialization, there came a drastic change of emphasis from human centered output to machine oriented. The importance of human labor was neglected as it was believed the acquisition of sophisticated machines was the prime agenda for guaranteed success in a company or organization. However, it was observed that neglected employees of any company resulted …

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Rhetorical analysis of the essay titled, “The negative effects of wealth in society”

Introduction For a linguistics class, I had to write an essay that either supported the notion that wealth brings far greater problems than depriving people of beauty or arguing that access to beauty is far more important than some might believe. The essay was titled, “The negative effects of wealth in society”. I decided to …

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Introduction Life is a mode of existence and it reflects the experiences of living that characterize human beings whether they are good or bad. It is confounding to describe what a good life is, since it applies to both material life and moral life. For instance, having immense wealth and ability to enjoy every form …

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Food and Its Influence on America

Introduction The rate at which the American diet has changed with time is alarming such that America has turned out to be a ‘Fast Food Nation’ within a short span of time. Probably it is because everything else is happening too fast. Junk food has replaced healthy and nutritious food in many people’s life at …

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Summary of “Children Need to Play, Not Compete”

In “Children Need to Play, Not Compete,” Jessica Statsky argues that organized sports are not good for children between the ages of six and twelve and should therefore be replaced by sports that emphasize on fitness, cooperation and sportsmanship. Statsky claims that highly organized sports such as Peewee Football and Little League Baseball are played …

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Addiction Severity Index

The addiction severity index (ASI) is a brief, approximately one hour partly structured interview that is used to analyze the vital aspects of a person’s life that may lead to drug and alcohol abuse. The ASI was originally invented by a group of researchers in 1980 at the University of Pennsylvania’s under the leadership of …

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Budget deficits and the economy

Abstract A budget deficit is a situation whereby an individual or a state spends more than its income. This paper examines the factors that can cause a government to experience a budget deficit. It examines how the budget deficits will influence the economic growth in a country. It examines government trade policies, as well as …

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The Significance of the Korean War

Introduction One of the major results of the Second World War was the emergence of two world super powers; the United States of America and the Soviet Union. These two powers appeared to be pitted against each other from an ideological point of view resulting in high polarization. The United States favored communism while the …

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